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Humidor Information

What is a humidor, you might ask? Why do I need a humidor? How do I take care of it?

We will cover this and more in the next few words. After reading this, hopefully you will be able to consider yourself at least somewhat knowledgable on this subject. We will cover the basics and then give a few key pointers that will allow you to own your humidor with the best results for maintaining perfect humidity and at the same time keeping it with the least possible maintenance and effort on your part.


A humidor, it can be said is any container that will help to maintain a constant humidity to keep, in this case, cigars and tobacco. For our purposes we will keep ourselves here in this article to cigars and tobacco, which we shall take from this point forward as a given when it is said maintaining humidity, or perfect humidity.

Humidors come in all sizes, shapes, makes, materials, and any other adjective you can fit here. The key to a properly functioning humidor is its seal, meaning making sure there are no gaps or any spaces around the edge of the humidor and that there is a tight seal when the humidor is closed. Also wood, specifically Spanish Cedar is best, for maintaining your cigars in a humidor. While other materials will maintain a humidity, Spanish Cedar will age a cigar.

 What unit you keep in your humidor to regulate humidity is probably the most critical part to keeping cigars and having a humidor at all. It is important to note that no matter how good of a humidification unit you have or how “fresh” your cigars are when you put them in if you don’t keep the humidity in the “box,” your humidor won’t stay optimal.

Perfect Humidity

It can be said that perfect humidity is 70% Rh. Now for arguments sake, everyone likes their tobacco at their own personal levels of humidity, everyone knows. What we are saying here is what is traditional accepted as the perfect level for humidity. In fact, I have been overseas and been to places where people like their tobacco at 50-60% humidity, and they have no problem with it. I also have friends who swear by a “fresh taste,” hand-rolled minutes before, green as can be and smoking the thing at a “fresh”90-95% humidity or more.


It matters more than you think. Ideally 70 Degrees F is perfect for maintaining humidity at 70% or ideal tobacco humidity. The more you flucuate from 70 Degrees you humidity will adjust accordingly. See Humidity Information Section for more information. Don’t leave cigars in your car and don’t store them in the fridge.

Quick Note – Also, like anything in cigars such as taste, strength, etc., humidity is subjective. What a person likes is what a person likes. If you like your cigars dry that is your perrogative we aren’t telling you how to keep your smokes. Do as you like.

Cigars In Your Humidor

Keeping cigars in a humidor and not in the refrigerator is good but keeping them at a perfect humidity is also very important. Use something in your humidor that will help it maintain a 70% humidity. Cigar Mechanic will help you maintain your humidor.

Condition of Your Cigars

The condition of your cigars is important to how your humidor will operate. Keep cigars of roughly the same humidity together. Humid cigars and dry cigars should be kept separate until the dry cigars are restored. Your maintained cigars will suffer if you put dry cigars on top of them.

If your cigars are conditioned properly and your humidor is conditioned properly, when you get them together it will be very little maintenance.

See how to restore dry cigars below.

Maintain Your Box

Every so often, weekly or bi-weekly, check your humidor to make sure everything is ok.  Check your cigars. Are they to your liking? If not adjust accordingly.

Key Note – Bring back dry cigars slowly. Don’t try to bring them back too quickly, it will take days.

People have a tendancy to try and rush this process and they end up with cracked and split wrappers and cigars that won’t smoke. You just wasted money. Send it to us next time at the address on the home page.

To bring the dry cigars back to a normal humdity, introduce lower levels of humidity at first. Humidify cigars for a few hours and then open the humidor to let them air out. Close again and repeat. Every other time when your do this remove your humidification unit when you close the lid. This will allow the cigars to receive the humidity properly.
Slowly raise the humidity levels over time until the cigars are restored.
Note – this is best done in a smaller unit and plastic usually works best.

Cigar Mechanic will help restore your dry cigars and maintain perfect humidity.

Condition Your Humidor

When you first pick up a new humidor make sure the store conditions it for you. If they don’t condition it yourself.
To Condition Your Humidor:

  • To do this simply wipe down the inside of the empty humidor with distilled wated and a clean rag, wetting the wood.
  • Now don’t over soak the wood so it splits, just wet it nice.
  • Close the lid and let it sit. Repeat after a few hours. Note – While doing this use a Cigar Mechanic bag and a plastic zip bag to temporarily maintain your cigars)
  • Repeat 2-3 times.
  • On the 2nd or 3rd time, the last time, put in your charged humidification unit with Cigar Mechanic, and yoru hygrometer.
  • After a day this should register 65-70% Rh.
  • Put the cigars back into the humidor using your Cigar Mechanic and enjoy your smokes.